Frequently Asked Questions

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Whats turnaround time

Our average turnaround time is 2 to 2 1/2 weeks from art approval. We always plan on that time frame. During the busy season (Christmas, Spring and Fall) we can get out but try not to exceed 3 weeks. If our turnaround time is longer than two weeks we be sure to notify you promptly.

What is art files do you need?

The correct files that we need are vector art files which include .pdf .eps .ai or high resolution .png. We need these style files so the image doesn’t come out pixelated. For design purposes we want to ensure the highest quality product. With these files we are able to change colors, size, and style without causing any issues.

What are price breaks for screen print

Price breaks for screen print are based on quantity. Depending on amount of colors and locations you can get price breaks between these numbers. 12 : 25 : 36 : 50 : 75 : 100 : 150 : 200 : 300 : 500 : 1,000.

How much are t-shirts?

Since we do everything custom there’s factors to keep in mind before we can accurately quote out a project. Keep in mind these factors: how many shirts, how many print locations, how many colors, and quality of shirt. Once those are answered we can precisely quote the job out.