How It Works

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4


Have you wondered what it’s like from start to finish? We are here to bring your idea to life from start to finish



Need to design a logo for your brand? Looking to refresh your current brand with a redesign? Wanting to sell merchandise for your business and get merch designs?


Our in house design team can help cater to your needs. Fill out the logo design form below and we can get started on your idea. Look forward to hearing from you!

Customize apparel to the way you want to at the comfort of your own home whenever you want to. Our virtual design tool helps you do that. With fonts, templates, icons, and images. This tool can help develop your idea to design your own t-shirt.



Once apparel and art are dialed in the next step is showing you a virtual proof.  This is the most important step to ensure quality control.


When it comes to apparel we take that design and mock it up on that exact t-shirt with correct ink colors and sizing. If it’s decals we take pictures of your car and design directly onto that image to show exactly what it will look like. We show you what your logo will look like on that coffee mug you picked out. Finally we take that extra step showing an actual sew out to ensure your logo comes out the way you like it before embroidering on that hat or jacket.


Most people ask “Can I see what it looks like before you print?” Absolutely! This is our way of showing you how it will turn out before we even get started. Once this is approved we can move onto the next step.


Work Order

We often put the proof and this step the work order together in the same e-mail.


Just like how we do with the proof we attach your work order together that displays pricing, quantities, sizing, estimated production date, and any other notes. Again to ensure quality control, we ask for your review on this form as well so that all the sizes, apparel, and pricing match the quote we sent over.

Any names, numbers, special ink colors are shown on here. Ever have a name spelled wrong on the back of a jersey…? Yeah we haven’t ether because of this process right here. We make sure we get everything right the first time. By doing this we back our product with 100% guarantee. 



We have everything approved! What’s next…..?


Behind the scenes we order everything for you, sort out your apparel, and get it into the production line to be decorated. We set up your artwork to burn screens or be digitized to size. We find the ink or thread color that matches your brand and set a time and date when things will be in production. We have an amazing state of the art project management system that allows us to handle a lot of orders in a modern way. At any given time we have 50-100 jobs in production so please allow on average 2 weeks production time.


Having this process in place allows at least 3 sets of eyes see your order to ensure quality control from start to finish. Once everything is done we contact you immediately, even if it is done before the production day. We know getting away from the office can be tough so we deliver to the Rochester area personally. Also pick up and shipping out are options as well. Payment upon receipt and 1/2 up front we do require for first time customers to limit our overhead.

Ready to get your job started…?


Great we are too! We look forward to hearing from you.