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Types of promotional products

Did you know theres over 800,000 types of promotional products to market your business.




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Promotional Products 

Promotional products are a great strategy to use when trying to increase your brand recognition. If you are in the business of promotional products, you know the impact they can have on your company. Valuable to both existing and new customers, even the smallest product, such as a branded pen, can be helpful in generating customer loyalty. The power of promotional products for branding is second to none and should never be left out of your marketing strategy.


There are so many options for the items that you can put your name on. From pens and coffee mugs to fidget spinners and PopSockets, the possibilities are endless. Unlike business cards, promotional products can be tailored to your specific target market and allow your business’s creativity to shine. Some of the best ways to get your brand to stand out include using a catchphrase that brings personality to your brand and always being on the lookout for the the newest fad that you can put your name on.


Promotional products are cost-effective compared to other popular forms of advertising efforts, especially media, when trying to build your brand. Most branded merchandise use a word of mouth technique to boost cost per impressions. Since promotional products are typically passed from one person to the next, your brand reputation will benefit immensely from increased impressions. Consumers hang on to promotional products for an average of 6.6 months.

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Down below we have our trusted partners that specialize in decorating the promotional product that best fits your business needs. Since there is such a wide variety out there when you see something that you like take down the item number, with the quantity you have in mind, if you attach your logo and send it in we can get you a quote with what the item will look like with your brand on it.

Koozie Group specializes in mugs, can koozies, tote bags and much more. There are several options to choose from in the promotional product industry and Koozie Group is our number one partnered local decorator for promotional items.

Our partners at Cedar Crest do one thing and one thing only, they decorate pens and have been doing them for years. They are an amazing partner of ours locally that have an amazing variety to choose from. Check on the link below that your logo would look great on.

The Magnet Group specializes in magnets, technology items, awards and much more. Everyone looks at a refrigerator daily. The magnet group helps get your brand out there to clients for brand awareness. 

Evans MFG is a trusted USA partner that specializes in bags, drinkware, event give aways, badges, and much more. When you have a company event they have several options to provide for giveaway ideas. Browse the virtual catalog below for you next promotional idea.

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